Village to village progressive ride

1720$ / personne

tax included + transport to Quebec city airport, or town
(165$ less if you have your own transportation)

Dates :

21 to 28 May 2016

11 to 18 June 2016

13 to 20 Auugust 2016

10 ato 27 September 2016

17 au 25 sept 2016

27 sept to 02 oct 2016

02 oct to 09 oct 2016

09 oct to 16 oct

Dec 27 2016 to 03 january 2017

Check in at 2 h pm no riding this day. Check out at 11h15 am the last day, no riding (8 days-7 nights)


This quiet corner of French-speaking southern Quebec faces the Appalachian Mountain Chain and offers breathtaking scenery. Canadian breed horses, quarter horses and appaloosas will transport you deep into the country, an area characterized by dense evergreen and hardwood forests, cultivated maple groves, sugar shacks, farmlands, lakes and rivers. Each evening, you will be welcomed into homes where you will be hosted friends or farmers or you will settle into a cozy chalet or lakeside cottage.
Our Horses
Black Canadian horses, quarter horses and appaloosas, all respond well to western or English-style commands. Our horses provide you the highest quality of riding. They are safe and well mannered, forward going, totally sure-footed and powerful at a trot or canter. The tack is western style.

Lodging Comfort Level
Country inn, double room or dormitory. At farms or ranches, habitation is double to quadruple (shared double bed or mattress) with shared bath.

Minimum Riding Skill
Mastery of the three gaits (walk, posting trot, balanced gallop) on varied terrain.
Gaits: Expect walking, long trots and lovely exhilarating gallops, all depending on the condition of the trails.

You will be asked to groom, saddle and unsaddle your mount. If you wish, you may help with feeding and watering of the horses.

Varied terrain, alternating among deep forest trails, paths through undergrowth, along rivers, and on rural country roads without traffic. Scenery is breathtaking and there is no particular difficulty. The weather is usually most agreeable with some cool nights. During the day, the thermometer may vacillate between 12° and 23° C.

A trail riding experience of several days is suggested but not a must.

Personal Gear
4 long pants, t-shirts, sweaters, windbreaker, gloves, waterproof boots, water bottle, large raincoat type Outback, suntan lotion, soap, towel, washcloth, toiletries. Please bring your riding helmet; if need be, we can lend you one.

You must provide your own wine or other alcoholic beverage. During transfer from the airport, we will plan a stop for you to stock up on your personal supply.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please let us know if there is anything else you need to help with your decision to stay at the Auberge Andromede

Thank you for your reservation. We look forward to meeting you and having you as our guests

We have a share program to reduce the cost of the single supplement. Would you like to share a room with another guest to reduce the cost?

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