Area Information

Several municipalities are found along the shores of this large lake. Sweeping panoramic views enhance a landscape dominated by high mountain summits. A vacation destination offering great fishing, water sports and nature all around. Marina and boat ramps.

Lake Characteristics:

  • Surface area: 26.4 km2
  • Perimeter : 45.4 km
  • Altitude: 355 m
  • Length : 16.7 km
  • Width : 3.5 km

This is the largest lake in the area and the panoramic views are superb. Several municipalities line its shores. A vacation destination offering excellent fishing, water sports and a multitude of outdoor activities at the Parc de Frontenac. Marina and boat ramps.

Lake Characteristics:

  • Surface area: 47.1 km2
  • Perimeter: 105 km
  • Altitude: 290 m
  • Length : 27 km
  • Width : 3.2 km

The origin of the lake’s name is from the surname Drolet of the area’s first settlers. A wonderful vacation destination, this rural region is especially picturesque and the excellence of the pure lake water remains undisputed.

Lake Characteristics:

  • Surface area: 284 hectares
  • Depth: 7 m
  • Length: 3,5 km